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The Perfect Hair Company & Training Institute

     The Perfect Hair Company & Training Institute is an exclusive business enterprise that is comprised of a team of influential hair care professional and entrepreneurs, with a passion for beauty and quality. We are located in the beautiful Miami, Florida; minutes away from the Miami International Airport. We cater to stylists and consumers that desire beautiful top quality hair extensions. With over a decade of experience in the wholesale and retail hair and beauty industry, we provide our customers with the finest grade of Remy Hair.   Learn More


      Our training institute presents our education partner Express Extension Kits created by Lydia Davis. The workshops and courses provided will allow you to take your business to another level. You can learn new, innovative, cutting edge techniques that will not only enhance your skills but grow your business. You will achieve immeasurable results, and save hours on labor. Our seminars and workshops will teach you the fundamentals of extension installation and removal, including our latest workshop "The 6 Different Methods Hair Extensions 101" for only $249.99. Learn More about our seminars and workshops

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